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South-West Conference

SWC Code of SpectatorConduct


The SWC Encourages and Expects


  • Good Sportsmanship(Ex. Positive cheering at all times)
  • Family Friendly Environment
  • Positive Fan Support
  • Positive Fan Interaction


The SWC Does Not Condone and Will Not Tolerate


  • Inappropriate Behavior (Ex. Profane Language/Gestures, Targeting and Taunting of players, coaches and game personnel, Physical Violence, Spitting)
  • Disruptions to the Game (Ex. Storming the Playing Surface, Throwing objects on Field/Court, Destruction of Property)
  • Disrespecting Officials
  • Intoxicated Fans


The SWC Prohibits


  • Baby Powder
  • Open Containers on Entry
  • Costumes/Masks
  • Admission Reentry
  • Bare Torsos- shirts must be worn at all events-indoors and outdoors
  • Noisemakers(bells, whistles, air horns, megaphones, etc.)



Spectators attending SWC events are considered guests of the host school, therefore making it a privilege - not a right - to attend all SWC sporting events. Consequences for fans who display unacceptable behaviors will be subject to sanctions, including refusal of admittance, removal, and possible arrest.